Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's happening outside?

Wow that is amazing stuff out this window!  I wish it was easier to get to but I love a challenge!


  1. Hi there Rusty. Wow that is pretty high up to be looking out the window, but good job getting up there. Thanks so much for coming by our blog and we certainly want to welcome you too to this great world of blogging. There are some mighty nice cats that do blogging. Their humans are pretty nice too. We will be back.

  2. Hey Rusty,

    We saw your kind words over at the blogosphere, thank you. We are hoping for the best as well.

    We always especially happy to see another flame point meezer as Junior is one. We look forward to reading more about you.

  3. What is going on? Is is snowing out there or something?

    Maybe you can get your beans to put a table or some shelves there, so you can get up there easier.

  4. You go Rusty!

  5. ooohhh a shelf up there sounds like a great idea. Will have to ask the human to do that!! Thank you all for stopping by to play :)

  6. Wow, Rusty, you sure hafta stretch to see out that window!!

  7. That's quite a stretch!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie